You've Goat to be kidding

We start off with a gentle Yoga practice followed by Goat Treats. This is the time to snuggle goats and take fun pictures. It's a treat for both you and the goats.

Come prepared for a completely unique and joyful experience.

what to expect

Come ready to unwind and enjoy some quality time with our sweet goats. We'll provide mats, so you don't have to worry about a goats pooping on your mat. (We'll also provide disinfectant!)

For spring 2020, we'll have 2 babies and 4 grown goats. We have Nigerian dwarf goats, so even the big ones are pretty small.

Meet the Goats



She's the mama of Gilli. She was a bottle baby, came to us at 2 weeks. She's now 3 yrs old. 

Greyye has just 1 eye, as she got injured when she was a baby



1.5 yrs old girl

Primmy is an excellent climber. She likes to climb to climb trees to get the best leaves



Baby of Greyye. 1.5 yrs old girl.

Gills loves snuggles and is very gentle.



1.5 yr old wether

Loves head scratches!


Jamie & Dawn

Born January 2020


To schedule...

Goat yoga classes are held by appointment only. Cost for goat yoga is $20/person or $150 for up to 10 people. (Add onto trapeze party for $75)