**Trapeze Classes have Closed due to COVID.**

(At this time, we do not have a plan to reopen. However, we are starting GOAT YOGA, Goat Snuggling Sessions, and Goat Education Classes.)


Coming soon... Goat Snuggling & More...

We have just started out kidding season. Two new babies have joined us, with more to come soon. Once babies are on the ground, we can start booking classes and sessions. Meet our Valentine's Day babies Chocolate and Heart (Or Moon, depends on which of our kids you ask, as our children get to name the goats!)

Boerne Trapeze Publicity photo shoot

Boerne Trapeze - (Closed for Now)

Flying Trapeze Classes & Parties for adults and kids 7+. Come learn to swing, fly, hang from you knees and do a backflip. You might even get the chance to get caught by your wrists in mid-air. It's a great fun and a wonderful way to bond with family and friends.

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All Trapeze Classes are closed, due to COVID. We currently don't have a plan to reopen. Inquire about Goat Yoga Coming Soon...