You've Goat to be kidding

We start off with a gentle Yoga practice followed by Goat photo ops. This is the time to snuggle goats and take fun pictures. It's a treat for both you and the goats.

Come prepared for a completely unique and joyful experience.

what to expect

Come ready to unwind and enjoy some quality time with our sweet goats. Be prepared to have goats roam around you, snuggle beside you, nibble on your hair or cloths, climb on your lap or back, and poop near you. (Goat poops aren't messy, they are basically little hay pellets.)

For spring 2022, we 6 baby goats! (3 boy & 3 girls)

To schedule...

All Sessions/Classes are about 60 minutes and are held by appointment only. We can do sessions at any mutually agreed upon day/time. A $10/person deposit reserves your spot for individuals, a 50% deposit is required to hold your private class. (Please note, unless you specifically book a private class, you may have others join you in the fun.) 

Snuggling Session:
Group Session - $15/person
Private Session - $150 (Includes up to 10 people)
Goat Photo Shoot: (your camera) - Includes goat snuggling and yoga poses with baby goats climbing on you!
Group Session - $25/person
Private Session for $200 (includes up to 10 people)
Goat Yoga:
Group Class - $25/person (4 person minimum required. If you can't find people, I can help to match you up.)
Private Class - $200 (Includes up to 10 people)
Class with traveling to you: $500 (you handle fencing) 
Class with traveling including fencing: ($650)

Snuggling only..Traveling without yoga: $100 discount

Goat Education Class: $200/class (up to 10 people for a Private Class) or $25/person (for open class). Learn all about goats, goat care and learn to milk a goat. Includes Snuggling Session and lots of great photo ops.

*Add on Acro Yoga Class: $25/person or $200 for up to 10 people (1 hr of acro-yoga for beginners) This would happen prior to the goat yoga. Inquire for more info.

What to bring & Wear for goat yoga

  • Yoga mat
  • Your signed waiver
  • A camera
  • Wear clothes that aren't made of slippy material (Bare skin is not recommended)

About fees

100% of fees collected go towards the maintenance and care of our animals.

This year we are hoping to bring on 3 Guard Llamas as fosters from Southwest Llama Rescue out of Kerrville! Let us know if you are interested in being a part of, or financially contributing to, our fostering program. (They also accept direct donations of course.)

I also work with Charming Pet Rescue. (right here in our neighborhood) If a puppy snuggling event, is something you are interested in, let me know and I'll see what I can arrange. They always need good fosters, and appreciate donations as well.

Goat Yoga is here (For 3 months only!)












Meet the Newest Additions



You'll want to take a bite of this sweet little girl.

goats waffles


We might need to stop letting our kids name the goats


Luna Heart

This bouncy little girl has so much personality. 



This colorful little girl will melt your heart



He's the only baby to his mama. He's all white with big blue eyes.

Meet the Girls



She's the mama of Gilli. She was a bottle baby, came to us at 2 weeks. She's now 5 yrs old. 

Greyye has just 1 eye, as she got injured when she was a baby



Baby of Greyye. 3.5 yrs old girl.

Gills loves snuggles and is very gentle.



Prim is 3.5 yrs old doe, when not with child, she is an excellent climber She loves to climb trees to get the best leaves. 



2 yrs old. Dawn is the sweetest girl ever and new mama of 2 brand new girls.

Meet the Boys (Wethers)



3.5 yr old wether that just loves head scratches. He will tell you when your done scratching his itchy horn scurs.

Gills loves snuggles and is very gentle.



2 yr old boy, with a strong name (Named after Jamie from Outlander!) He's a mellow, chill and friendly little guy. Wasn't he a cute baby?