Private Trapeze Classes/Parties

For people of all abilities. Regular people can do this! All you have to be able to to is hang from your hands for 20 seconds

Team Building

Trapeze team building is an exhilarating experience that will make your company outing a memorable and fun event.

Try Trapeze

We hold group classes for beginner/intermediate students about once a month. Contact us to get into our next class. (Adults and kids ages 7+)

"I can Fly"

About flying trapeze

Experience the exhilaration of Flying Trapeze. It is just as much fun as it looks and is perfect for the whole family. Come learn to fly through the air. Safety lines, a body harness, and of course a net will allow you to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Classes include safety guidelines, ground school, basic swing, trick positions and dismounts. You may even get caught by the wrists midair! The introduction of more challenging tricks, as well the fundamentals of the swing, are taught as each student naturally progresses. Everyone learns at their own pace. Because only one person can fly across the trapeze rig at a time, classes are taught at every level (beg-adv). We provide a fun, supportive environment to step out of your comfort zone and learn something new.

Check out our FAQ Page for more detailed information about the experience of flying  on the trapeze.

Your first Time...

Ready to take a leap of faith and fly through the sky. Here's what you're in for...

Climbing the Ladder

Ok, ready or not, here you come! Climb the ladder, one hand at a time. Remember that fear is a choice!

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The Takeoff

We are there to support you the entire time. From the platform, we have a hand on your harness easing you into flight.

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The knee-hang

The first trick that you learn is a knee hang. Where you hang by your knees and reach out with your arms.

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The Dismount

You will get to learn a backflip on your first day! Can you see what is wrong in this pic? (No grabbing the safety lines!! Trust us, we've got you!)

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Ready to take the leap of faith and fly through the sky. Contact us to schedule your group today.